Floristimestari Niina Minkkinen


I was born in 1972 in a small countryside village in central Finland of a family of two
younger sisters and loving and encouraging parents who taught me perseverance and to
do my best.

In the first place I chose gardener studies because it seemed like a good way to express
creativity and it also offered a possibility to work with my hands. During the gardener
studies I didn’t find flower design interesting at all. Later after graduating I became
interested in florist’s work and working for several flower shops made me realize that
flower design was what I wanted to dedicate to. Flower design proved to be much more
than arranging flowers. By then I had no idea that I would end up teaching, competing and
publishing articles about flower design.

In 1997 I qualified in floristry (Florist exam)

In 2006 I finally carried out a specialist qualification in floristry (Master exam) in Oulu
Vocational College of Natural Resources Department of Horticulture.

My teacher’s career began in 1998 in Huittinen Business and vocational college. Over
the years I have completed teachers' pedagogical competence in Tampere University of
Applied Sciences, Teacher Education Centre. Nowadays I teach flower design and product
knowledge for adults in Sastamala Municipal Education and Training Consortium
I’m also qualified Finnish florists’ association teacher of flower design and qualified
competition judge. The membership of Qualification Committee of Floristry nominated
by The National Board of Education offers me a great view over the development of
educating the future professionals. Passing the tradition and the skills and the principles of
flower design is in my great interest.

Flower design competitions started to interest me in 1999. Few years later in 2001 I won
Finnish championship in flower design. It was a great surprise for me. Competing was
exciting and it opened me a whole new perspective into flower design. After winning the
second championship 2010 it gave me opportunity to represent Finland in the Nordic
championships as well as in the Europa Cup 2011. Participating in International Designer
of the Year 2010 competition brought me 3rd place.

I'm on an expedition in the world of flowers and materials. From very ordinary materials
can be found a lot of new dimensions and it fascinates me most.